How to Use the Directory

The BARBinc Directory has a lot of powerful features for individuals and businesses… Here’s a quick review of the features you can access.


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1. BARBinc Universal Navigation Bar

Use the Universal NavBar to switch between all of BARBinc online services.

2. Directory Sign-In Link

If you’re a business owner, you;ll likely use this link to access your account and manage your listings.

3. Directory SearchBar

Individuals can use the Directroy SearchBar to find a barbershop, salon or other business. simply enter the name (or partial name) of the business you want to find. Please Note that searches are city-specific. If you want to search the entire state, then make sure that the state name is selected in the City Select (item #4 below).

4. City Selector

The City Selector enables you to focus your browsing to a specific city. For example, if you were browsing the BARBinc Texas Directory and selected “Austin, TX”, the main map will drill-down to Austin and only businesses that reside in the Austin area will be displayed.

5. Map Filter / Search

Use this tool to further define your search. You can tell the Directory to only display “Barbershops” by unselecting the “Salons” and “Barber Schools” checkboxes. By default, all business types are selected.

6. Map Navigation / Zoom Tools

Use these tools to move around the map and to zoom in or zoom out of the map.

7. Business Listing Clusters

These icons show how many business listing are available to browse based upon 1) the city selected in the City Selector and 2) What categories are selected in the Map Filter.

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8. Business Listings

Click on any listing to get more information/details about that business.

9. BARBinc Social Buttons

We LOVE all things Barber…!!! So, show us some love back by connecting with us through Twitter or Facebook…!

10. Barber License Check

This powerful tool allows anyone to check the license status of any barber or any business operating within the state. Simply enter the name (or partial name) of your barber/business and click on the “Lookup” button.

Category Listings Page

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11. Listing Sort Tabs

Easily change the way business listings are presented to you. You can choose either “A-Z” (Alphabetical listing) or Newest First.

12. Quick Action Links

Next to each listing are Quick Action links that allow you to:

  • …access comments/ratings for the business,
  • …pinpoint the business on the Quick-Zoom Map (see below), or
  • …add the business to your Favorites list

Please Note that you must have an account and be logged into to use the Favorites feature.

13. Pinpoint / Quick-Zoom Map

This map is used in conjuction with the “Pinpoint” Quick Action link to quickly identify where a business listing is located.

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